Father christmas Maria Brickell Is a great Example of Miami Modern Architecture

This 51 stories high ultra luxury Miami high rise was made during the last decade of the excellent twentieth century. These incredible Brickell accommodations were delivered and finished in the year 1997 and were at that time the tallest residential luxury accommodations modern houses built in Miami. The building is the inspiration of Revuelta, Vega and Leon architects. This industrial firm is the responsible for some of Miami’s noticably condo buildings like the nearby system of the Father christmas Maria Brickell, the Bristol System.

Many of the designs of this great industrial firm have a curvilinear pattern that can be appreciated in full use at the majestic Father christmas Maria Brickell accommodations. These curvy designs are reminiscent of the water movements and give this tall structure fluidity, quality and a timeless contemporary look. The great building was made by Ugo Colombo who uses a lot of glass as a signature element of all his other well known developments like the Grovenor House in Coconut Grove and the Epic Residences in town center Miami. But the Father christmas Maria Brickell remains as one of the most notorious and incomparable luxury residential building in all Miami. Now with all the new Brickell accommodations which are developed and finished no other Miami luxury building can compete with the boldness and presence of this majestic ravenscroft industrial formidable device.

This beautiful masterpiece has set the pattern of great designs in Miami in other luxury accommodations like 900 Biscayne in town center Miami and the Jade Brickell. All these tall residential luxury structures have likewise a prominent characteristic and that is a spectacular crown. But probably no other building crown was as wonderfully achieved as the one in the Father christmas Maria where the architects and the developer were able to incorporate an astonishing state of the art massive gym overlooking the Biscayne Clean.

This dynamic and daring curvy style with an impressive sense of motion that combinations with the water insights of the clean makes this luxury housing landmark one of Miami’s top modern industrial designs.

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