Bitcorp Extension Cord – The Perfect Solution for Multiple Appliances

19 September 2023 By

Bitcorp Extension Cord – The Perfect Solution for Multiple Appliances

Bitcorp Extension Cord – The Perfect Solution for Multiple Appliances


Are you tired of constantly swapping plugs and struggling with limited power outlets? Look no further! The Bitcorp Extension Cord is here to solve all your power-related problems. Designed to accommodate multiple small and heavy-duty appliances, this power strip is a game-changer for any household.

Key Features

  • 3-way multi-pin outlet plug
  • 1 switch for easy control
  • Available in 6A, 16A, and 20A variants
  • Can handle up to 3500W of power
  • Spike guard protection
  • 15-meter long cable cord for flexibility
  • Elegant white design

Unleash the Power of Multiple Appliances

With the Bitcorp Extension Cord, you can connect and power multiple appliances simultaneously. Whether it’s your television, computer, gaming console, or kitchen appliances, this power strip can handle them all. No more hassle of constantly unplugging and re-plugging devices!

Convenient and Easy to Use

The 3-way multi-pin outlet plug allows you to connect up to three devices at once. The built-in switch provides easy control over the power supply, allowing you to turn off all connected devices with a single click. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of searching for individual switches!

Safe and Reliable

The Bitcorp Extension Cord is equipped with spike guard protection, ensuring the safety of your appliances. It safeguards against voltage fluctuations and power surges, providing a stable power supply to your devices. Rest assured that your valuable electronics are in good hands.

Long Cable Cord for Flexibility

With a 15-meter long cable cord, this extension cord offers unparalleled flexibility. You can easily position your appliances wherever you want without worrying about the distance from the power outlet. Enjoy the freedom of arranging your devices according to your preference.

Elegant Design

The Bitcorp Extension Cord features an elegant white design that blends seamlessly with any interior. Its sleek and compact form factor ensures that it doesn’t take up unnecessary space. Add a touch of sophistication to your home while enjoying the convenience it brings.

Get your Bitcorp Extension Cord today and experience the ultimate power solution for your multiple appliances. Say goodbye to tangled wires and limited outlets!