Blue Glass Spray Bottles 4oz ULG Fine Mist Sprayers

19 September 2023 By

Blue Glass Spray Bottles 4oz ULG Fine Mist Sprayers

Blue Glass Spray Bottles 4oz ULG Fine Mist Sprayers


  • The fine mist spray bottle does not contain any harmful chemicals or compounds, BPA free and lead free, safe to use.
  • Suitable for storing essential oils, perfume, cologne, face mist, hair sprays, witch hazel, air freshener, household cleaner and any other mixtures.
  • The bottle mouth is designed with large caliber, which is convenient for filling and cleaning.
  • This empty spray bottles are made of professional medicinal glass. The bottom of the bottle is thickened, anti-corrosion and durable.
  • The clear cover and leak-proof gaskets seals perfectly without the possibility of leaks or spills.


  1. Remove the black spray nozzle by turning it clockwise.
  2. Fill the bottle with liquid.
  3. Tighten the black spray nozzle counterclockwise.
  4. Shake the essential oil mixture before each use.
  5. Cover with a small white cap after use.
  6. Use the label sticker to mark the mixture name.


You cannot spray 100% oil. It will clog any sprayer. Oil has to be combined with a liquid such as alcohol or water, and always shake before use.


Our refillable 4oz bottles do not contain chemicals or compounds like BPA or lead. With them, all of liquid sprays can be stored effectively and safely. Meanwhile, plastic chemicals in your home will be reduced a lot. When you need to wash the bottles, just put them in a dishwasher, which saves your time and energy. (Remember to take down the black sprayers before washing as they would be damaged by dishwasher)


Our glass spray bottles can protect sensitive essential oils, cleaning solutions, bleach mixtures, and any other substances that can be decomposed or lose their potency over time from strong ultraviolet rays.


The black mist sprayer functions suit for applying diluted perfume, blends, essential oil or other liquids to meet your needs of daily care for eyes, face and body.


Portable 4 ounce size, economical, convenient and refillable. Perfect for travel and conveniently fitting in your purse, and will not leak or spill.