Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps

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Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps

Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps


Welcome to the world of Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps! These 0.35-ounce bags are packed with the goodness of real fruit. Made from fresh and crispy Fuji apples, these snacks are a healthy and convenient option for anyone looking for a delicious on-the-go treat.

Why Choose Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps?

1. 100% Real Fruit

Our Fuji Apple Crisps are made from 100% real fruit, with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Each bite is bursting with the natural sweetness and crispness of fresh Fuji apples.

2. Nutrient-Rich

These apple crisps are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients. They are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants, making them a healthy snack choice for both kids and adults.

3. Convenient Packaging

Each bag contains 0.35 ounces of apple crisps, making it the perfect size for snacking on the go. Whether you’re heading to work, school, or the gym, these portable bags fit easily into your bag or pocket.

4. Gluten-Free and Vegan

Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps are gluten-free and vegan, making them suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or preferences. They are also free from common allergens such as peanuts and tree nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these apple crisps made from fresh apples?

A: Yes, our Fuji Apple Crisps are made from fresh and crispy Fuji apples.

Q: Are they suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?

A: Absolutely! These apple crisps are gluten-free, vegan, and free from common allergens such as peanuts and tree nuts.

Q: How many bags are included in a pack?

A: Each pack contains 24 bags of 0.35-ounce Fuji Apple Crisps.

Q: Can I store them for a long time?

A: Yes, these apple crisps have a long shelf life. However, for the best taste and freshness, we recommend consuming them within the specified expiration date.

Experience the delightful taste and health benefits of Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps. Order your pack today and enjoy the goodness of real fruit in every crispy bite!