DMI Wheelchair Ramp – Product Description

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DMI Wheelchair Ramp – Product Description

DMI Wheelchair Ramp – Product Description

Are you looking for a reliable and portable solution to improve accessibility for wheelchair users? Look no further than the DMI Wheelchair Ramp. This adjustable ramp is designed to provide easy access to indoor and outdoor areas, making it perfect for home use or when visiting friends and family.

Key Features

  • Adjustable length: The ramp can extend from 3 to 5 feet, allowing you to use it on different step sizes and heights.
  • Portable and lightweight: Weighing only 6 pounds, these ramps are easy to lift and position. They are also compact, making them convenient to travel with or store in the trunk of a car.
  • Durable and safe: The ramp features a non-skid surface to ensure safety and stability. It is rust-resistant and can support up to 300 pounds, providing a reliable solution for wheelchair users.
  • Easy assembly: The ramp can be quickly and easily assembled without the need for any tools. This makes it a versatile option for temporary, portable, or permanent use.

How to Use

Two ramps are included in the package. To extend the ramps, simply pull sections one and two until the locking buttons are fully extended into the holes and snap into place. After use, retract the ramps and store them in the convenient nylon carrying bag.

How to Measure for Wheelchair Ramps

Before purchasing the ramp, it is important to measure the rise and width of the wheels. The rise is the measurement between the ground and where the top of the ramp will be placed. For residential areas, a 2:12 slope is recommended, which means one foot of ramp for every two inches of rise. Divide the rise by two to calculate the ramp length you will need. Additionally, ensure that each wheel is no wider than 4 inches to fit the inner track area of the ramp.

Important Note

This product is designed for use by occupied wheelchairs with the assistance of another person. It is not recommended for powered scooters or chairs, or those with offset wheels or less than 2.5 inches of ground clearance of the push ring.


The DMI Wheelchair Ramp is a versatile and reliable solution for improving accessibility. Its adjustable length, portability, and durability make it a popular choice among wheelchair users. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds per ramp, it provides a safe and stable platform for easy access to various indoor and outdoor areas. Invest in this best-selling ramp today and enhance safety, stability, and independence for wheelchair users.