Elefun And Friends Giraffalaff Limbo Game

15 September 2023 By deveauharbennz@hotmail.com

Elefun And Friends Giraffalaff Limbo Game

Elefun And Friends Giraffalaff Limbo Game


The Giraffalaff Limbo will have your preschoolers howling with laughter as they try to limbo alongside the ticklish Giraffalaff giraffe. A quick spin of the wheel reveals which silly animal’s walk you’ll have to do under the limbo bar – whether it’s the bird walk or the crab walk. Just make sure not to knock down Giraffalaff or he’ll go into a frenzy of giggles, and you’ll be out of the game! Designed for children ages three and up, this limbo set is a fun and activity-filled game that will keep your child engaged.

Main Features

  • Stands as tall as your preschooler
  • Bright poles made to look like jungle vines
  • Giraffalaff clips easily onto the yellow limbo bar
  • Lightweight and soft foam materials
  • Plays upbeat, fun music
  • Giraffalaff’s giggles once the limbo bar has dropped


How low can you go? Find out in this crazy, laughter-inducing limbo game that features Giraffalaff. Spin the spinner and let it tell you which of the 6 ways (classic limbo, crabwalk, crawl, giraffe walk, forward, and backward) you have to limbo. But don’t bump into Giraffalaff. If you do, you’ll have him rolling on the floor in laughter. The player who has passed under Giraffalaff at the lowest level wins.


Because the limbo spinner and Giraffalaff are made out of durable cardboard, we would recommend playing this game indoors and away from water to prevent warping.