FINGER TEN Golf Rubber Tees – Improve Your Practice

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FINGER TEN Golf Rubber Tees – Improve Your Practice

FINGER TEN Golf Rubber Tees – Improve Your Practice


Welcome to the world of FINGER TEN Golf Rubber Tees! If you are looking to improve your golfing skills and enhance your practice sessions, you have come to the right place. Our rubber tees are designed to provide stability, durability, and convenience, making them the perfect choice for driving range practice.

Why Choose FINGER TEN Golf Rubber Tees?

1. Versatility

Our rubber tees are available in various sizes, including 1.5″, 2.25″, 2.75″, and 3″. This allows you to choose the perfect tee height for your swing and practice needs. Whether you prefer a lower tee for iron shots or a higher tee for driver shots, we have got you covered.

2. Durability

Constructed from high-quality rubber, our tees are built to last. They can withstand countless hits without breaking or losing their shape. Say goodbye to constantly replacing broken wooden tees and enjoy the longevity of our rubber tees.

3. Stability

The rubber material provides excellent stability, ensuring that your tee stays in place throughout your swing. This stability allows you to focus on your technique and maximize your practice time without the hassle of readjusting your tee after every shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these rubber tees be used on both grass and mats?

A: Yes, our rubber tees are suitable for use on both grass and practice mats. The durable rubber material ensures that the tees can withstand the impact of hitting off different surfaces.

Q: Are these tees suitable for all skill levels?

A: Absolutely! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, our rubber tees can benefit players of all skill levels. They provide a stable and consistent tee height, allowing you to focus on improving your swing mechanics.

Q: Can I choose a pack with mixed tee sizes?

A: Yes, we offer packs with mixed tee sizes to cater to your specific needs. This allows you to experiment with different tee heights and find the one that suits your game the best.


Investing in FINGER TEN Golf Rubber Tees is a smart choice for any golfer looking to enhance their practice sessions. With their versatility, durability, and stability, these tees are designed to improve your golfing experience. Say goodbye to flimsy wooden tees and elevate your game with our high-quality rubber tees. Choose FINGER TEN and take your practice to the next level!