Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder – Practical Joke

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Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder – Practical Joke

Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder – Practical Joke


Are you ready to bring some laughter into your life? Look no further than Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder! This practical joke is guaranteed to create hilarious moments and leave everyone in stitches. Whether you want to prank your friends, family, or colleagues, this product is the perfect choice.

Why Choose Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder?

1. Unmatched Quality

Our itching powder is made from the finest ingredients, ensuring a realistic and long-lasting effect. It is safe to use and will not cause any harm or irritation to the skin.

2. Easy to Use

Using Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder is a breeze. Simply sprinkle a small amount on the target’s clothing or belongings, and watch as the itching sensation takes over. It’s a simple yet effective prank that will have everyone laughing.

3. Versatile Prank

Whether you’re planning a prank at home, school, or the office, Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder is suitable for all occasions. It can be used on clothing, bedding, or even inside shoes for an unexpected surprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder safe to use?

A: Yes, our itching powder is completely safe to use. It is made from non-toxic ingredients and will not cause any harm or irritation to the skin.

Q: How long does the itching sensation last?

A: The duration of the itching sensation may vary depending on the amount used and the individual’s sensitivity. Generally, it lasts for a few minutes to an hour.

Q: Can it be easily washed off?

A: Yes, Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder can be easily washed off with water and soap. It does not leave any stains or residue.

Q: Can I use it on sensitive skin?

A: While our itching powder is safe to use, we recommend avoiding direct contact with sensitive skin or open wounds to prevent any discomfort.


Ready to add some laughter to your life? Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder is the ultimate practical joke that will leave everyone in fits of laughter. With its unmatched quality, ease of use, and versatility, this product is a must-have for any prankster. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and hilarious moments with Funnyman Jokes Itching Powder!