Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel

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Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel

Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel

About the Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel

The Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel is a do-it-all kit designed to take care of all your clothing needs. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply want to keep your clothes in top condition, this kit has you covered. With powerful cleaning and durable water-repellency properties, it is suitable for all technical clothing, including Gore-Tex and eVent membranes.

Powerful Cleaning with Performance Wash

Performance Wash is an easy-to-use, gentle, yet effective tech cleaner. When used in the washing machine, it removes dirt and odors from all men and women’s waterproof walking, fishing, running, and training clothing. It restores breathability and any existing water-repellency. This versatile cleaner works the same in hard and soft water and leaves no residue.

Superior Durable Repellency with Performance Repel Plus

Performance Repel Plus is a powerful, easy-to-apply spray that restores the original durable waterproof repellency (DWR) of water-repellent clothing. This breathable spray reproofs all technical clothing, including walking jackets, walking trousers, fishing and equestrian clothing, and running jackets. Its versatility allows you to apply extra to areas prone to abrasion such as shoulders. This proofer has a neutral smell and doesn’t require heat or a tumble dryer.

Free Active Wash Sample

With the Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel, you’ll also receive a free sample of Active Wash. This sample is ideal for removing sweat smells from baselayers, sportswear, gym, running, football cycling, and CrossFit shorts, tops, and leggings. Keep your activewear fresh and odor-free with this bonus addition to the kit.

Bluesign Approved for Environmental Responsibility

Both Performance Wash and Performance Repel Plus in the Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel are bluesign approved. This approval guarantees you environmentally-responsible protection for all your outdoor clothing. Feel confident that you’re making a sustainable choice with this kit.

PFC-Free and Water-Based Formulations

All of Grangers’ products, including the Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel, are eco-friendly and made with the environment in mind. The water-based PFC-free (fluorocarbon-free) formulations keep you warm and dry while protecting the world we all love to explore. Choose Grangers for effective and sustainable clothing care.

Suitable for Gore-Tex and Other Technical Clothing

The Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel is suitable to clean and reproof all men and women’s breathable, waterproof clothing and membranes, including Gore-Tex, eVent, and FutureLight. No matter what technical clothing you have, this kit has the power to restore its performance and water-repellency.

Compatible with All Technical Clothing

This kit is compatible with all clothing textiles and membranes, including lycra, nylon, polyester, cotton, waterproof, synthetic, merino wool, soft shell, and hard shell. No matter what type of technical clothing you own, the Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel is here to keep it in top condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I use Performance Wash?

It is recommended to use Performance Wash every time you wash your technical clothing to maintain its performance and water-repellency.

2. Can I use Performance Repel Plus on non-technical clothing?

Performance Repel Plus is specifically designed for technical clothing. It is not recommended for use on non-technical clothing.

3. How long does the water-repellency last after using Performance Repel Plus?

The water-repellency provided by Performance Repel Plus can last for several washes, but it is recommended to reapply the spray periodically for optimal performance.

4. Is Active Wash suitable for handwashing?

Active Wash is primarily designed for use in the washing machine. It is not specifically formulated for handwashing.

5. Can I use the Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel on my down jacket?

While the kit is suitable for many types of technical clothing, it is not recommended for use on down jackets. Please refer to the care instructions specific to your down jacket.

Get the Grangers Unisex’s Care Kit Clothing Repel today and experience the power of effective cleaning and durable water-repellency for all your technical clothing. Protect the environment with Grangers’ PFC-free and water-based formulations. Choose sustainability without compromising performance.