Marcato Pasta Machine – The Perfect Pasta Maker

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Marcato Pasta Machine – The Perfect Pasta Maker

Marcato Pasta Machine – The Perfect Pasta Maker

About MARCATO S.p.A.

MARCATO S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of household pasta machines. With its headquarters in Campodarsego, Italy, the company has been producing pasta machines since 1938. Over the years, MARCATO has gained a reputation for its reliable and high-quality products, backed by advanced technology and numerous patents. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its three-year warranty, unmatched by any competitor in the sector.

Global Market Leader

Thanks to continuous technological evolution and 60 years of experience, MARCATO S.p.A. has become a global market leader in the pasta sector. Its products are distributed both nationally and internationally, with a sales network that spans the globe. As a testament to its market position, MARCATO S.p.A. is the exclusive technology partner of the WHIRLPOOL group in the pasta sector. The company’s pasta machines and accessories proudly represent the “Made in Italy” label at international trade fairs.

Introducing the Marcato Wellness Pasta Machine

The Marcato Wellness Pasta Machine is a superb Italian design that combines functionality with style. Featuring a raised metal logo plate and made with the finest materials, this pasta maker showcases excellent workmanship. With the ability to make four types of pasta, including lasagna, fettuccine, spaghetti, and tagliolini, the Marcato Wellness Pasta Machine offers versatility in your pasta-making endeavors. All attachments designed for the Marcato Atlas 150 fit seamlessly with this machine, providing even more options for pasta shapes and sizes.

Product Features

  • Smooth turning action
  • Easy pull out & twist selector makes changing of pasta thickness simple
  • 10 thickness settings giving more precision and thickness options
  • Easy fit attachments (variety of attachments available)
  • Patented anodized aluminium rollers help stop pasta sticking

Box Contains

  • 1 x Pasta Making Machine
  • 1 x Care & Use Instructions