Muc Off 206 Brush Set (5X)

13 September 2023 By

Muc Off 206 Brush Set (5X)

Muc Off 206 Brush Set (5X)


The Muc Off 206 Brush Set (5X) is the perfect accessory for bike cleaning enthusiasts. This comprehensive kit includes five different brushes, each designed for specific cleaning tasks. With its handy storage bag, you can easily carry and store these brushes wherever you go.

Main Features

  • Soft Washing Brush: Ideal for gently removing dirt and grime from delicate surfaces.
  • Detailing Brush: Perfect for reaching tight spaces and intricate parts of your bike.
  • Claw Brush: Designed to tackle stubborn dirt and mud on your bike’s drivetrain.
  • Wheel & Component Brush: Specifically made for cleaning wheels and other bike components.
  • Two Prong Brush: Great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as chain links and cassette sprockets.

Durable and Protective

Each brush in the Muc Off 206 Brush Set (5X) is equipped with rubberised impact zones. These zones provide maximum protection for your bicycle, ensuring that no scratches or damages occur during the cleaning process. The brushes are made with sintered nylon bristles, which are not only safe for your bike but also highly durable.


The Muc Off 206 Brush Set (5X) is a must-have for any bike cleaning routine. With its versatile range of brushes and durable construction, this set offers everything you need to keep your bike in pristine condition. Invest in this brush set and enjoy a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Warranty not applicable for this product.