SWOMMOLY 66 Glass Spice Jars – Complete Set

3 October 2023 By deveauharbennz@hotmail.com

SWOMMOLY 66 Glass Spice Jars – Complete Set

SWOMMOLY 66 Glass Spice Jars – Complete Set


Are you tired of having a messy spice cabinet? Do you struggle to find the right spice when cooking? Look no further! The SWOMMOLY 66 Glass Spice Jars Complete Set is here to revolutionize your spice organization.

Main Features

  • 66 square glass jars with a capacity of 4 ounces each
  • Airtight caps to preserve the freshness of your spices
  • Pour/sift shaker lids for easy dispensing
  • Includes 713 spice labels for easy identification
  • Comes with a chalk marker for labeling
  • Includes a funnel for mess-free refilling

Organize Your Spices

With the SWOMMOLY 66 Glass Spice Jars, you can finally say goodbye to the chaos in your spice cabinet. These square glass jars are designed to maximize space and fit neatly on your shelves. The airtight caps ensure that your spices stay fresh for longer, preserving their flavors and aromas.

Easy Dispensing

The pour/sift shaker lids make it effortless to dispense just the right amount of spice. Whether you need a pinch of salt or a teaspoon of cinnamon, these lids allow for precise pouring or sifting, eliminating any mess or waste.

Labeling Made Simple

Never mix up your spices again! The SWOMMOLY 66 Glass Spice Jars Complete Set includes 713 spice labels, ensuring that you can easily identify each jar. The labels are pre-printed with the most common spices, but you can also use the included chalk marker to create custom labels.

Mess-Free Refilling

Refilling your spice jars has never been easier. The set comes with a convenient funnel that allows you to transfer spices without any spills or mess. Say goodbye to wasting precious spices and hello to hassle-free refilling.

Transform your spice organization with the SWOMMOLY 66 Glass Spice Jars Complete Set. Order yours today and enjoy a clutter-free and efficient cooking experience!