SeikoMen Quartz Watch, Analog Display And Stainless Steel Strap SNKE01K1

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SeikoMen Quartz Watch, Analog Display And Stainless Steel Strap SNKE01K1

SeikoMen Quartz Watch, Analog Display And Stainless Steel Strap SNKE01K1

Seiko 5 is one of the signature watch brands from one of the most beautiful and most reputable watchmaking companies in the world. Manufactured in Japan, which indicate Seiko’s sincere determination to produce truly practical watches for all users. Additionally, Seiko 5 watches are distinguished for their classic-sleek look, lifetime durability, deployment clasp, automatic (mechanical) movement, signature styling and other set of features.

Set Contains:

  • Guarantee Card
  • Signature self-winding movement, the 7S26 – An automatic (mechanical) watch converts your everyday motion into seconds, minutes and hours which we feel is pretty magical. Winding is not necessary and these timepieces will run practically forever with little or no maintenance.
  • Comfortable to wear, sleek design and classic look. The smooth lining case and the conservative oyster type bracelet are made of solid stainless steel. While luminous watch hands glow in the dark, making this a real advantage for night visibility.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting bracelet and casing (37x11mm). The crown recessed at 4 o’clock position giving it a more sportier look. To add to that, the case back is transparent; and day and date displayed in a single window.
  • Scratch and Shatter resistant crystal or glass. The transparent protective covering of the watch’s dial comes in a Hardlex crystal which assures excellent legibility as well as protection for your watch.
  • Shock and Water resistant. These watches are tested to meet international standards for shock resistance and water pressure of 30-50 meters depth. Faucet spray or rain won’t hurt them as long as the case, crown and crystal remain intact. Not recommended for water sports of any kind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is this watch suitable for everyday wear?
  2. Yes, this watch is designed for everyday wear. It is comfortable to wear and has a sleek and classic look that can be easily paired with any outfit.

  3. Is the strap adjustable?
  4. Yes, the stainless steel strap is adjustable to fit different wrist sizes.

  5. Can I wear this watch while swimming?
  6. While this watch is water resistant, it is not recommended for water sports or swimming. It can withstand water pressure of 30-50 meters depth, but prolonged exposure to water may damage the watch.


The SeikoMen Quartz Watch, Analog Display And Stainless Steel Strap SNKE01K1 is a timeless timepiece that combines classic design with modern features. Its self-winding movement, comfortable stainless steel strap, and scratch-resistant crystal make it a durable and reliable watch for everyday wear. With its shock and water resistance, it can withstand the rigors of daily life. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or going about your daily routine, this watch is the perfect accessory to complement your style.