WelleCo – Sleep Welle Calming Tea (50 Tea Bags Refill Pack)

28 September 2023 By deveauharbennz@hotmail.com

WelleCo – Sleep Welle Calming Tea (50 Tea Bags, Refill Pack)

WelleCo – Sleep Welle Calming Tea (50 Tea Bags, Refill Pack)


Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea is a natural and effective blend of herbs perfect for those who have difficulty sleeping. It is also a great choice for anyone seeking a moment of stillness and calm during the day. This tea combines three powerful ingredients with lemon balm, passionflower, and natural lemon and mango flower to create a mild fruity and soothing drink. Made with all-natural ingredients, it offers a gentle and relaxing experience.

Main Benefits

1. Promotes Restful Sleep

With its carefully selected blend of herbs, Sleep Welle Calming Tea helps promote a restful night’s sleep. The calming properties of lemon balm and passionflower work together to relax the mind and body, allowing you to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

2. Provides Moments of Stillness & Calm

Not only is Sleep Welle Calming Tea beneficial for sleep, but it also offers a moment of stillness and calm during the day. Whether you need a break from a hectic schedule or simply want to unwind, this tea can help create a soothing experience.

3. All-Natural Ingredients

WelleCo takes pride in using only the finest all-natural ingredients in their Sleep Welle Calming Tea. You can enjoy this tea knowing that it is free from artificial additives and made with your well-being in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many tea bags are included in the refill pack?

A: The refill pack of Sleep Welle Calming Tea contains 50 tea bags, ensuring you have an ample supply to enjoy for an extended period.

Q: Where is Sleep Welle Calming Tea made?

A: Sleep Welle Calming Tea is proudly made in Australia, ensuring the highest quality and adherence to strict manufacturing standards.

Q: Can I drink Sleep Welle Calming Tea during the day?

A: Absolutely! Sleep Welle Calming Tea is not only suitable for bedtime but can also be enjoyed during the day when you need a moment of stillness and calm.


Experience the soothing and calming effects of WelleCo’s Sleep Welle Calming Tea. With its natural blend of herbs, this tea promotes restful sleep and provides moments of stillness and calm. Made with all-natural ingredients and available in a convenient refill pack of 50 tea bags, it is the perfect choice for those seeking a gentle and relaxing tea experience. Order your Sleep Welle Calming Tea today and embark on a journey of tranquility.